Episode 244: A High School Senior’s Journey Back To School After A Year Online; Author Jennifer De Leon On Returning To Her Roots

Bridget Donovan on the stage at the Framingham High School auditorium, March 8, 2021. (Joanie Tobin/GBH News)

After a year of online school, high school senior Bridget Donovan is back in the building and feeling like “a freshman again.” This week on NEXT, we tag along with Bridget and visit a New Hampshire school that’s experiencing the social benefits of learning outdoors. Plus, we hear about Massachusetts’ new climate legislation and how it compares to other New England states. And author Jennifer De Leon reflects on language and heritage in her new book of essays.


Annie Ropeik, climate, energy and environment reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio

Miriam Wasser, reporter for WBUR’s Earthwhile

Jennifer De Leon, author of “White Space: Essays on Culture, Race, & Writing.” De Leon is an assistant professor of creative writing at Framingham State University in Massachusetts.


Tori Bedford, reporter for GBH
What It's Like To Go Back To School In 2021

Sarah Gibson, education and demographics reporter for NHPR
For Deerfield Community School, Some Pandemic Changes Are Here to Stay

Tibisay Zea, senior reporter for El Planeta, and Simón Rios, reporter for WBUR
Low Vaccination Rates Among Latinos Raise Concerns In Chelsea, Mass., Ravaged By The Pandemic

Patty Wight, news producer for Maine Public
Traveling By Boat, Vaccinators 'Injecting Hope' For Maine Islanders

Amelia Mason, reporter for WBUR’s The ARTery
After The Pandemic Shut Down His Recording Studio, He Had An Epiphany

Anna Van Dine, reporter for VPR
A 'Neighborly Friendship': Remembering Vermonter Don Alter

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