Episode 248: ‘The Happiness Lab’ Professor On Ways We Can Be Happier; How Jonny Sun Is Learning To Balance Work And Rest

Laurie Santos teaching “Psychology and the Good Life” at Yale University. (Karin Shedd/Yale)

When Professor Laurie Santos first offered a course about psychology and happiness at Yale University, over a thousand students signed up. This week on NEXT, Santos gives us tips  on how we can be happier in our lives. Plus, we’ll hear dream experts discuss the evolution of COVID-19 dreams. And we talk to author, illustrator and TV writer Jonny Sun about his relationship with work and free time — and the things he’s unintentionally inherited from his family.


Laurie Santos, psychology professor at Yale University who teaches a course on happiness, host of the podcast “The Happiness Lab.”

Jonny Sun, doctoral candidate at MIT, creative researcher at the Harvard metaLab, staff writer for the sixth season of the TV show “BoJack Horseman” and author of the new book “Goodbye, Again: Essays, Reflections, and Illustrations.”


Karen Brown, reporter, producer and host at New England Public Media
COVID Dreams Reflect Evolution Of Pandemic

Miriam Wasser, reporter at WBUR’s EarthWhile
On Revere’s Pearl Avenue, Residents Grapple With The Rising Tide Of Climate Change

Eve Zuckoff, Report for America reporter for CAI
Coastal Seniors and Climate Change: Retirement Dreams Threatened As Coastal Living Increasingly Risky

Todd Bookman, senior reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio
Listen Up, New Hampshire: Goodwill Doesn’t Want Your Trash

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